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We are Michelle, Jessie and our three dogs Roxie, Archie and Dave. We are a small family run business based in Hampshire, UK.

Starting in 2021, the inspiration for starting RAD's was our very own dogs. 

To us, dogs are a massive part of the family and we believe our dogs health is just as important as ours. This is why we provide our dogs the very best. 

It can be difficult to find truly natural treats out there. So many treats are labelled 'healthy' when they are actually full of processed junk. Our rule is if you haven't heard of the ingredients or you cant pronounce not buy it!

Everything we stock is 100% natural and all the items are treats we feed our own dogs. 

With dogs, there is no one size fits all so if you are unsure about anything, please do send us a message, we are happy to help.

Our dogs love our treats and we are confident yours will too.


British Boxer - 29th June 2017

Roxie is 5 years old, she loves long walks, running with her two brothers, standing in puddles, lakes and much more. She LOVES balls and you will often find her ball bobbing in the nearest puddle or pond!

Roxie's loves all treats. If she had to choose her favorite would be a natural yak chew or a pigs ear!!!

To find out more about Roxie's favourite treats shop Roxie's Collection.


French Bulldog - 18th July 2020

Archie is 2. He is very active and loves nothing more than running around all day every day. He is incredibly sociable and loves to meet and greet every dog he can. 

He does like to run after a ball, however he does not always like to bring it back so you must be prepared to fetch it yourself!

Archie's favourite treat has to be the natural antler chew, he can chew away at it for ages and never get bored. 


French Bulldog - 18th July 2020

Dave is 2. He can happily sleep all day. He loves nothing more than to snooze away on the sofa, the rug or even your lap for some snuggles. 

When it is time for walkies, Dave will be nowhere to be found. As soon as the lead comes out, Dave is gone. After some gentle persuasion and maybe even a small piggy back out of the drive, Dave is happy to run along with his brother and sister and enjoy the great outdoors. 

Like Roxie, Dave loves all treats. It is very difficult to name his favorite but if he had to choose, it would be a natural rabbits ear as its easy to chew on and he will always run back for a venison sausage.



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