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Raw Dog Food Form

We Are Proud Stockist Of ProDog Raw Food


Complete Raw Dog Food

Our expertly created menu of Complete Formula raw dog food delivers the full spectrum of nutrients required to support your working dog’s development, health, and vitality. Complete formula raw dog food is designed as a ‘complete’ meal, therefore no additions are required. For dog owners who require simple and easy “BARF” food, this is the option to choose. Simply defrost, pop the lid and serve.

Suitable for dogs 24 weeks +


  1. Exotic Complete Raw Pheasant Formula - 500g £3.25

  2. Exotic Complete Raw Venison Formula - 500g £3.25

  3. Exotic Complete Wild Boar with Offal Formula - 500g £3.25

  4. Complete Raw Lamb with Offal Formula - 500g £2.95

  5. Complete Raw Salmon with Turkey Formula - 500g £2.65

  6. Complete Raw Rabbit Formula - 500g £2.95

  7. Complete Raw Beef with Chicken Formula - 500g £2.65

  8. Complete Raw Chicken Formula - 500g £2.35

  9. Complete Raw Beef with Offal Formula - 500g £2.65

  10. Complete Raw Beef with Green Tripe Formula - 500g £2.65

  11. Complete Green Tripe with Raw Chicken Formula - 500g £2.35

  12. Complete Raw Turkey With Offal Formula - 500g £2.65

  13. Complete Raw Duck Formula - 500g £2.95


Pure 80:10:10 Raw Food

Pure 80:10:10 raw dog food is a precisely balanced recipe, an exact 80:10:10 ‘BARF’ raw food ratio mix. Designed for more experienced raw feeders, for dogs on elimination diets,  requiring a single protein source or dog owners who would like to be more involved with their dog’s meals by making their own additions – simply choose to add in vegetables, fruits and toppings to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Suitable for dogs 24 weeks +


  1. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Rabbit with Offal - 500g - £3.25

  2. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Lamb with Offal - 500g - £3.25

  3. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Beef & Chicken with Offal - 500g - £2.35

  4. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Salmon and Turkey with Offal - 500g - £2.65

  5. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Beef with Offal - 500g - £2.65

  6. Pure Boneless Raw Beef & Green Tripe With Offal - 500g - £2.65

  7. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Turkey with Offal - 500g - £2.65

  8. Pure 80:10:10 Raw Chicken with Offal - 500g - £2.35


Pure Boneless Raw Beef & Green Tripe With Offal

Our Pure Beef & Green Tripe With Offal is a complementary raw dog food meal. A delicious blend of quality, fresh beef, beef offal and beef tripe (from DEFRA approved, British Farm Assurance certified local farms).

Suitable for dogs 24 weeks +

Precise, Clean Nutrition

Our pray model Pure recipes are designed for working dog owners who like to choose their own additions, simply add in vegetables, fruits and toppings to suit your dog’s requirements. Pure options deliver the essential macro and micronutrients required to support the growth, development and vitality of your working dog.

500g - £2.65

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Raw Dog Food Products

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