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baltic amber collar

Baltic Amber Collar - Repel Ticks and Fleas

Amber Collars are used as an extra preventative not a stand alone product but can help:

Repel ticks and fleas

Chemical free

Long lasting (One to two years depending)

Made of genuine Baltic Amber

Amber collar has a dual action in treating ticks and fleas. Extremely popular in Europe, this sturdy, 100% authentic Baltic amber collar.

How to measure: The sizes go up in 5cm increments, measure as you would for a normal collar putting two fingers underneath easily.

1. Aromatic repellent

Amber stones contain natural essential oils called terpenes - the resinous smell of the amber.

It derives from the friction of the amber with the pets fur . The smell of the terpenes makes ticks feel uncomfortable.

By the way, ticks can smell! They do not have a nose like ours but they do have a so-called Haller-organ located on its front legs. This organ helps the tick to perceive the smell of a potential victim.

2. Electrostatic repellent

As the amber rubs against the animals fur it generates a mild electrical charge which has been discovered as a flea and tick deterrent in dogs and cats. It is completely undetectable to the animal but gives the tick/flea a shock and they fall off .Amber’s electrical properties were documented by the Ancient Greeks who called it Electron.

It usually takes two weeks or more of full time wear to have maximum repelling properties. The longer the pet wears the collar the better the smell distributes throughout the fur and the better the bite protection . If you are not a fan of chemical parasite treatments this could be the answer for you .

There are knots tied between each stone so in the unfortunate event of the collar breaking the stones will not scatter everywhere .

Put the collar in the sun for a few hours as often as possible to recharge the amber.

Please note - This collar should not be used as a control device, do not attach a lead to it , even though it is very strong we cannot guarantee it's safety if used with a lead. Colou

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