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flea & tick collar

Mr Slobberchops - Natural Flea & Tick Collars

Mr Slobberchops This plant based formula gets to work to effectively manage pests including: ticks, lice, larvae and mosquitoes.The Flea & Tick Collars last for about 8 months use once opened. The collar uses a controlled release of gentle, yet active ingredients for flea & tick prevention in dogs.Waterproof & adjustable, one size fits all. 62cm long, 1.3 cm wideIngredients:Lemongrass Oil 3%, Eucalyptus Oil 3%, Peppermint Oil 3%, Lavender Oil 1%.For Use on dogs over 12 weeks.Keeping fleas, ticks & worms at bay can be achieved naturally when using a multi level approach.With our natural collars, spot-on, sprays and in food supplement that works on modulating immune health, we have had great success over the years.

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